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Quality Control

China Quality Control: How Can We Help?

  • Preshipment inspections
  • Review existing supplier quality control standards and procedures
  • On-site quality inspector and Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
  • Routine work-in-progress (WIP) and finished goods quality inspections
  • Coordinate 3rd Party Laboratory Testing, including Prop 65 Compliance
  • Container loading check
  • During-production inspection (DUPRO)
  • Implement Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action/Preventative Action Plans
  • Create performance benchmarks to measure supplier quality control over time

Our Quality Control Process
Golden Quality Control & Sourcing’s designated China account managers will conduct work-in-progress (WIP) and finished goods quality inspections on a routine basis, submitting findings to clients within 24 hours of inspection. More than just an inspection company or consultants, we also provide the professional expertise to quarantine rejected products and implement corrective action procedures right away to marginalize any potential downtime and structurally improve a supplier’s Quality Management System (QMS).

Through this enhanced supplier visibility and systematic inspection process, we routinely see clients experience a 60-70% reduction in claim rates and incidence, allowing for more efficient supply chains and reduced overall expenses.

Why Golden Quality Control & Sourcing
Our leadership team on both continents has years of invaluable experience – on the ground in both the U.S. and Vietnamese markets – that just can’t be replicated without having invested the time in truly cultivating it.

By leveraging our deep knowledge and seasoned personnel, we help clients achieve optimal results in sourcing in from and exporting to China and greater Asia.