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Staffing Solutions

Temporary Asian In-Market Supply Chain Management

Leveraging Golden Quality Control & Sourcing’s temporary staffing solutions in Asia, companies gain access to experienced, in-market personnel with strong local and English language skills who perform critical functions that those with current travel restrictions would otherwise execute.

This valuable staffing solution provides program continuity, supports effective communication and ensures companies receive timely information to ensure the performance of their supply chain operations throughout China and greater Asia.

How it Works

  • Contact Golden Quality Control & Sourcing and provide your primary market(s) of focus.
  • Golden Quality Control & Sourcing evaluates your overseas operations and schedules a consultation to discuss recommendations.
  • Together, we identify the staff members that best match project requirements.
  • Staff begins working on your behalf.

Clients who have engaged our firm have

  • Secured client-directed roles and responsibilities, including supply chain management services, quality control oversight, new product development and project management expertise.
  • Received daily updates, significantly reducing late delivery rates.
  • Shifted supplier operations from affected areas to less impacted regions.
  • Received ongoing project support for long-term initiatives.
  • Enjoyed flexible staffing terms, from daily to monthly engagements.

As a result, our clients are empowered to proactively manage supply chain disruptions, move with agility and make smarter, faster decisions.